A Brief Narcissistic Interlude

I started this blog last year because I had a few things on my mind and thought I'd write about them. I also wanted to try out Google Analytics and figured a blog was a good place to track traffic. Since then I've also worked on my Google Profile, played around with Google Sites and I was even talked into joining Facebook recently.

And what are the results? Well, the blog traffic has been less than impressive. But then, I haven't been the most prolific poster or promoter. However, I have made a name for myself on Google. For the first time today, I found that I dominated the first page of search results for [Isaac Truett]. My Facebook profile comes in at #1, followed by several postings on GWT forums. Lastly, my Google Profile has qualified to be featured in search results.

But this isn't all just self-promotion. I've learned a lot about these free online services and I've enjoyed sharing some of that knowledge with family and friends. I had a conversation recently about how much is available for free that businesses, organizations, and individuals can take advantage of online. The same things I've done to increase my public presence on the internet can be done to promote and enrich your own group or yourself. I'd like to find more ways to share this knowledge, because the more people and organizations create web presences, the easier it gets to find what you're looking for, or what you need, on the internet.

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