Nook what the cat dragged in!

I must admit, I kinda want a Nook. I was never too keen on the Kindle, but this new offering from B&N appeals to me on a number of levels.

  1. Wi-Fi to download books off my home network, useful since I live just outside AT&T's 3G coverage area
  2. Expandable storage, giving me both unlimited capacity AND the ability to backup my digital purchases
  3. Support for more file formats
  4. Replaceable battery. I always worry about devices, especially expensive ones, that I can't replace the battery in on my own. I would prefer a standard-sized rechargeable battery, but I'll take this.
  5. And, of course, the geek appeal of Android

I'm rarely an impulsive gadget buyer, but if I get through the holidays without receiving one of these then the first after-Christmas sale just might tip the scales for me.

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