Got my Chrome Pilot's License

I'm writing this post from my new Cr-48 Chrome OS netbook. I love it. It's very light (3.8 lbs, according to the pilot program's website). The keyboard feels good; the individual keys are large, which is made possible by the removal of the function keys, the "lock" keys, the number pad, and other non-essentials. The screen is bright. I'm not thrilled with the touchpad yet, but I always need a while to get used to them.

But that's all hardware. What about the software? Well, it's Chrome. After logging in you see the Google Chrome browser. That's where I spend most of my time anyway, so it's familiar and intuitive to use for me. Chrome OS even imported all of my bookmarks, extensions, etc. that I sync on my other computers running the Chrome browser.

I'm looking forward to exploring Chrome OS further. If anyone from Google is reading: thank you!

Update: See what I had to say after day two with my Cr-48.


  1. Wooo, congratulations! Keep us posted on what you think -- I guess you'll keep telling the Googlers what you think, by design.

    Maybe I'll get to join too?

  2. Alex - Thank you! I was very surprised to see it arrive so quickly. I didn't even get a "you have been accepted" email or anything. The box just showed up. I hope you get one soon!