WebGL on Cr-48

Google released the first Chrome OS updates of 2011 to the Cr-48 today. The new version on the development channel includes Chrome browser version 10.0.634.1. Chrome 10 has (among other new features) WebGL support, which I've been eager to try on the Cr-48. The results, I'm afraid, have been disappointing so far.

WebGL Aquarium

If you've seen WebGL, then you've probably seen this demo. You've probably also seen it produce surprising frame rates for browser-based 3D graphics. The hardware in the Cr-48, I suspect, just isn't up to the job. Even with only one fish in the tank, I got a depressing one frame per second. I think one was being generous.

Body Browser

I love this one - just not on the Cr-48. The app isn't just slow, like the aquarium demo, it's unusable. But definitely check it out for yourself if you haven't already. It's very cool.

I am hopeful that WebGL performance on the Cr-48 will improve. Chrome has already done a lot to improve browser performance and I expect that will continue. The Cr-48 will probably never run the next generation of web-based 3D games, but I expect that commercial Chrome OS products will have more powerful hardware.

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