Update on Picasa album re-sharing and Google+

This is the notice displayed on Picasa Web Albums since joining Google+. It reads:

You've recently joined Google+. Note the following changes to Picasa Web Albums:
  • Albums you've shared can in turn be tagged and shared by others.
  • For new albums, anyone an album is shared with can see who else it is shared with.
  • When you tag someone, they receive a notification and can see the photo and the related album.

I understand that sharing transparency and re-sharing are features that make Picasa albums more social, but I would really appreciate the option to turn them off. Sometimes I want to be less social. There's already re-sharing controls for individual posts on Google+. Why do you need to open up my albums too?

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree. At least let me lock 're-sharing' to a circle so I know who is being exposed to what!